What is your church like?

1)  Welcoming and Inclusive

Our church is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds.  We have farmers, office employees, factory workers, scientists, stay at home moms, and retired folks, to name a few.  The congregation is made up of families and singles of all ages with an abundance of children and teenagers.  And though we have vastly different personal lives, we gather under the banner of Christ and are always looking to include new comers seeking a church family.


2)  Country Church Feel

Our church building is not lavish or large, but it is exactly what we need for ministry and worship.  The auditorium seats approximately 150 people, but we usually have about 70-80 adults and teenagers on Sunday mornings.  The younger children have the option of staying in the auditorium or going to children’s classes.


3)  Traditional Worship

The congregation sings traditional and modern hymns out of hymn books.  Our main instruments for music are the piano and organ, but occasionally we have volunteers play the flute, violin, acoustic guitar, and trumpet.  Our choice of music is not based on preference but is a purposeful decision to avoid letting worldly sounds distract from the things of God.


4)  Variety of Dress Styles

Some people shy away from church because they are worried about how to dress.  Our  congregation dress ranges from casual to suit and tie, with most people somewhere in between.  You will be welcomed regardless of what you wear.