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Sunday Night: Zechariah 7-8

Sunday Night: Zechariah 7-8

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Our hearts need to be in what we are doing for the Lord.

Zechariah 7

v.1-3 – Fast over the fall of Jerusalem

v.4-7 – What was the reason for their fasting? Are the things we doing just out of routine, or is our heart in it?

v.8-14 – Why their prayers were not answered. (1 John 3)


Chapter 8 – Restoration of Israel

v.1-2 -God is a jealous God

v.3 – The future for Jerusalem as the city of truth

v.4 – People will live a long time in the future.

v.5 – Kids will be playing in the streets

v.7-8 – Jews will return to the Holy Land

v.9-19 – Restoration of Israel

v.20-23 – During the kingdom age Jerusalem will be the religious center