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False teachings: Mormons(2)

False teachings: Mormons(2)


Cults: Started from some individuals with either new revelation or new interpretation about the Bible. Salvation not by grace.

They are aggressive in visiting: young man 2-year to serve and share their teachings

Joseph Smith claimed:

  1. do more than Jesus for the church
  2. Book of Mormon is more accurate than the Bible
  3. God was not always God, he was once a man as we are(Isaiah 43:10,44:6-8)
  4. Man lived at Moon at his age.

B. Young claimed:

  1. Unless you identified J.Smith is the prophet, you will not get saved.
  2. His official discourse should be added to the Bible. In his life, he never gave a wrong consult.
  3. Also taught polygamy.
  4. God constantly learn by himself.  (Romans 11:33-36)
  5. Jesus is just a normal man born from a normal man and woman.(Matthew 1:20-23)
  6. black man is disagreeable. (Acts 17:26)

Another leader of Mormon:

  1. baptism is essential to the salvation, especially baptized by Mormons.

How to witness to a Mormon:

  1. They start with many questions and use a lot of terms like “born again”.
  2. Don’t want to start the argument of their leaders.
  3. Start with God and Jesus(book of John, Romans)
  4. Don’t let them distract you. Go back to the basic gospel.