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Sunday Night: Zechariah 3-6

Sunday Night: Zechariah 3-6

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Zechariah 3

v.1-picture of spiritual warfare

v.2-4 – picture of salvation

v.7 – walk in the Lord

v.8 -picture of Jesus coming

v.9 – Isaiah 2:11 – seven parts to the Spirit of God


Chapter 4

v.1-6 seven lamps, two olive trees (Israel would be the candlestick and be empowered by the oil)

v.8 – Zerubbabel leads the people to rebuild the temple


Chapter 5

v.1 -vision of the flying scroll

v.2-4 – God is upset with sinners and dealing with them

v.5 – vision of the ephah


Chapter 6

v.1-8 – Vision of the four chariots

v.9-15 – Joshua who represents Jesus will be crowned