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Sermons Archived

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Founder: Basically they follow the writings of “Prophet”, Ellen White Statistics: 8 Million worldwide, much into publishing books,materials Push education in their schools, Very evangelistic Beliefs: 1. Salvation: Grace plus Law(Bible: Galatians 2:16) 2. Sabbath Keeping Bible: Sabbath is for Jews, Genesis 2:1 is not a command We worship Lord on Lord’s day: Acts 20:7,…

False teachings: Mormons(2)

Cults: Started from some individuals with either new revelation or new interpretation about the Bible. Salvation not by grace. They are aggressive in visiting: young man 2-year to serve and share their teachings Joseph Smith claimed: do more than Jesus for the church Book of Mormon is more accurate than the Bible God was not…

Sunday School: Creation

Genesis 1:1 For many years people try to mix evolution with creation Gap Theory Day-Age Theory Theistic Evolution The whole credibility of the Bible relies on the literal interpretation of creation (Matthew 12:40-41, Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:21) Genesis 1:26-27 – God created us in His image Genesis 2:7-God created man totally Himself Genesis 1:3-5 –…

Wednesday Night: Prayers of Jesus

His Seasons of Prayer (Luke 3:21, 22) His Spheres of Prayer Places of Prayer: Luke 5:16 His Spirit in Prayer (Luke 6:12) His Scope of Prayer (John 17) His Teachings on Prayer Humility, Sincerity, Obedience, Faith, Forgiveness, Persistence, Asking, In His Name