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Friend Day

    We would like to invite you for Friend Day! We will have one big service in the morning of October 22 at 10:30am this day in the auditorium. There will be special music and the Gospel message will be presented. We look forward to seeing you there, and to see what the Lord…

Luke 12:11-21

God-Directed Words (12:11-12) POINT:  God was going to give them the words to say in times of inquisition APPLICATION: we should not be deterred from confronting people or standing for Christ because we dont know what to say APPLICATION: we should be in much prayer before and be sensitive to Spirits leading during   Disgruntled…


Welcome to the College, Careers, and Family Class!  We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am at Calvary Baptist Church, Room 108. As the name suggests, we are made up of a variety of believers from different walks of life.  The class size is roughly 8-10 people and consists of college students (engineering, nursing), newly wed…

Luke 11:33-54

The Fault Lies with the Hearer (11:33-36) 1)  Jesus is not withholding truth from anybody (11:33) POINT: light is meant to be seen by all, not hidden from some 2)  Seeing requires light and eyes (11:34-36) ILLUSTRATION: if you had the choice of being blind or living your life in a pitch black    …