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Luke 12:11-21

Categories: Bible,Young Married

God-Directed Words (12:11-12)

POINT:  God was going to give them the words to say in times of inquisition

APPLICATION: we should not be deterred from confronting people or standing for Christ because we dont know what to say

APPLICATION: we should be in much prayer before and be sensitive to Spirits leading during


Disgruntled Brother (12:13-15)

0) Details

* younger brother wanted older to properly divide the inheritance

* Jesus refuses to help in the matter, but instead issues a warning

1)  Jesus Has Not Obligated Himself to Make Sure Life is Fair (12:14)

POINT: Jesus HAS obligated Himself to supply all your needs

Luke 12:22-31 God will supply your need

POINT: Jesus HAS been appointed to judge the world in the end… to right all the wrongs

Romans 12:17-21  Vengeance belongs to the Lord

2) Covetousness Can Destroy You (12:15a)

DEFINITION: greedy desire to have more

POINT:  though this passage is referring to money/possessions specifically, covetousness can involve other things like popularity, position, recognition, etc

MONEY: focus on working more, saving more, dictates your decisions

POPULARITY: mood hinges on people, compromising, fake, dictates your behavior

POSITION: willing to boast, willing to gossip, get there wrong way fast

RECOGNITION: rob people of theirs, take people’s eyes off of Christ and onto you

CHALLENGE: do you secretly yearn for things that others have? Why? Is it distracting you?

3) The Truth to Combat Covetousness (12:15b)

POINT:  a man’s life does not consist of things possessed

EXAMPLES: If you have tons of cars and homes, are beloved by all and thousands mourn your passing, or achieve the title of president of the world

POINT: you will stand before God with nothing but a stain of covetousness

Ecclesiastes 2:15-18  Wisdom and work are worthless apart from following the Lord

APPLICATION: stop estimating your worth based on job, money, possessions, reputation, and position

POINT: what God values and what will last is this:  1)  are you growing in Him?  2) are you serving Him?

POINT:  all that other stuff should be viewed as available tools for accomplishing those goals


Parable of the Rich Fool (12:16-21)

1) The Ground Brought Forth Plentifully (12:16)

APPLICATION: Every time we receive something (paycheck, gift), we need to pause and remember this is God given

POINT:  This will help us to be  1) more thankful  2) mindful of our role as stewards of God’s resources

2) The Dilemma (12:17)

POINT: God blessed the man with “too much”  (in other words, much more than he was used to receiving)

NOTE:  God does not purposely tempt any man or put them in a position where they must sin

James 1:13  Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

1 Corinthians 10:13 God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it

HOWEVER:  every man does have a “safe zone” where the temptations are not able to overcome an individual

Proverbs 30:8-9


GOAL:  Philippians 4:10-12  Be content in poverty AND riches

PERSONALLY:  it has been harder in my life to be content when I had more…

3) The Decision (12:18-19)

POINT1: The man looked for wisdom from within

BEWARE: the heart is deceitful above all things… and can give a feeling of peace once you have seared your conscience and made a selfish decision.

BEWARE2: the trap of living by Christian principles alone where you remain in the driver seat as you pick which principles to justify your course of action

INSTEAD: if any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God  (James 1)

POINT2: The man desired to waste the bounty on himself

BEWARE: we often make the mistake of thinking Money Surplus → Vacation Time

BEWARE2: we do the responsible thing and put it into savings → Big Items, Retirement, College Fund

James 5:3  the RUST of the money will be what condemns you, not they money itself

INSTEAD: surplus should trigger… “Ok Lord, what is the need?”

4) The Conclusion (12:20-21)

NOTE: God interceded and took his life

REALIZE: Money isn’t safe just because its in a bank

Health isn’t guaranteed by having the best doctors

Position isn’t secure just because the economy is good

POINT: any/all resources hoarded from God is on shaky ground

ALTERNATIVE: if he had received that large crop and decided to give it all to missions

OPTION 1: he might not have died prematurely

OPTION 2: he would be thrilled to see the Lord (assuming he was a believer)

POINT: in dying with a barn of extra stuff… you have built a monument of covetousness

BUT: in using that extra stuff for God’s purposes… its like you are building a barn in heaven and creating a monument of praise/glory toward the Lord

TRUTH: God is freeing us up to serve Him to the point that we need Him to supply our needs

Luke 12:32-34  sell your stuff, provide for needs, God will take care of you and you will be rewarded

APPLICATION: stop holding on to your stuff or trying to provide for yourself in your own power

Author: Tyson Olheiser

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