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Luke 12:1-10

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Hypocrisy is Temporary (12:1-3)

1) Leaven of the Pharisees (12:1)

DEFINITION: hypocrisy = the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform

NOTE:  it is not hypocritical to preach a standard if you are currently seeking the Lord to have deliverance in that area of your life.

NOTE: implies this is a known hypocrisy vs. accidental (self deception)

APPLICATION:  Be careful not to decry gossip, the world, and lack of witnessing if you engage in gossip under a different name (prayer requests), enjoy the world behind closed doors, and do not share the gospel yourself.

2) Nothing is Hidden (12:2-3)

APPLICATION: we are all guilty of thinking or saying things about other people that we would never say to their face and if they overheard… you would be embarrassed beyond measure

APPLICATION: Christians go on vacation and feel free to miss services, go places they wouldn’t otherwise go, do things they wouldn’t otherwise do… its almost like they take a vacation from God

POINT: God is right there. And you should feel more than embarrassment that He sees you

Psalm 139:1-12  God is omnipresent


Man’s Power is Overestimated (12:4-5)

REALITY CHECK: many are fearful to go out on Thursday to evangelize, but what is the worst that can happen?

* “no thanks”     * “not interested”     * “get off my porch”     * they scream and slam the door

POINT: the worst thing any man can do is kill you… which is nothing more than sending you to a better place with more treasure

BIG POINT: the only One that can do more to you is the one that has complete control over every soul after death… that being God

APPLICATION:  if I knew I would meet God right after Thursday evangelism, how would my approach change?

Would I be content to just invite to church?

Would I go home if I ran out of cards at 7:15?

OBSERVATION: we somehow think that if our meeting with God is in 50 years, our lack of boldness and shameful avoidance of giving the gospel on THIS Thursday will not be remembered

POINT: all will be remembered perfectly at the judgment seat of Christ… we need to fear God


God Places Value on You (12:6-7)

ILLUSTRATION: why are diamonds or gold so expensive?

Is it because they are rare?  No.  There are many things that are rare that we do not place big dollar prices on them.  (4 leaf clover for instance)

Diamonds/gold are expensive because man has placed value on them.

POINT:  God has placed value on human life above animal life

OBSERVATION:  man (surprisingly) is trying to devalue human life by telling the lie that we are no more important than animals and allowing things like abortion

POINT: God’s value of us is shown by how thorough He knows us (the hairs on our head)

SIDE NOTE:  it has been said that your best friends are the ones that are capable of getting you the best gifts because they know you the best

THEREFORE: the gifts He gives and trials He allows are tailor-made for you… and are by far the best gifts that anyone could ever give you.


You Need to Pick a Side (12:8-9)

POINT: these verses should only bother you as much as they should

OPTION1: if you deny Him on occasion, it should bother you and cause you to repent

EXAMPLE: Peter denied Christ, but got right with the Lord.  He did not lose His salvation or prove to be a false convert.  Peter would not be later denied by Christ.

OPTION2:  If you deny Him often and nothing changes… not a good sign.  You might be one that will be later denied by Christ.


The Unpardonable Sin (12:10)

BIG QUESTION: what is the unpardonable sin?

OBSERVATION: Blasphemy challenge… atheists showed how convinced they are that God does not exist that they blasphemed the Holy Ghost on YouTube.

NOTE: I believe this is speaking of the convicting power of the Holy Ghost

POINT: people can know about Christ, yet not be convinced of the Truth

BUT: if someone is faced with that conviction and knowingly says, “I reject Christ”… no hope.

NOTE:  When men were crucifying Christ, He asked the Father to forgive them because they knew not what they were doing  (Luke 23:34)

POINT:  this shows there was forgiveness available for even those that were crucifying Jesus

WHY?  because they knew not what they did

BUT:  if they did know what they were doing (because the Holy Spirit convicted them of their sin) and rejected the salvation offered in Christ… that sin will not be forgiven.



Author: Tyson Olheiser

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