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Luke 11:33-54

Categories: Bible,Young Married

The Fault Lies with the Hearer (11:33-36)

1)  Jesus is not withholding truth from anybody (11:33)

POINT: light is meant to be seen by all, not hidden from some

2)  Seeing requires light and eyes (11:34-36)

ILLUSTRATION: if you had the choice of being blind or living your life in a pitch black                                                            building, which would you choose?

POINT:  You need both light and eyes to see

NOTICE: only one of these two is variable and the other is fixed

POINT:  The LIGHT is always on…. but the EYES are sometimes off

CONCLUSION: the attitude by which we approach the gospel or God’s Word makes all the difference

APPLICATION: it is so important to come to Sunday School, Church, Revival, etc. with the attitude                                   of “today could be the day where you change everything God… please help me see it”


Inside and Outside (11:37-54)

0) Details (11:37-38)

* Pharisee invited Jesus to his house to eat

* Jesus did not do ritualistic washing before eating

1) Focus was on the Outside (11:39-40)

ILLUSTRATION:  I used to work in a shop and had oil, grease, and dirt on my hands and that     filth would transfer to my coffee cup.  My criteria:  as long as the inside of that coffee cup was clean, I would use it.

POINT:  Can you imagine how disgusting it would be if I was only concerned with the                            state of the outside of the cup and had little concern for oil and grease on the inside?

POINT:  We do the same thing as the Pharisees!

If self imposed → leads to Pharisaism

If imposed on others → leads to Rebellion

NOTE: with children, you will have to impose but the heart needs to be shepherded                       simultaneously

2) Do the externals, but don’t forget the internal (11:41-42)

EXTERNALS: give alms and tithes in a meticulous fashion

POINT: under the right circumstances, that meticulous nature could reflect an earnest desire to please the Lord in every way

INTERNAL: value judgment and the love of God

POINT: but… if you leave behind the internal… it makes the externals disgusting

ILLUSTRATION: NBA players have few friends.  When a player starts making millions, many people will try to befriend them.  They will be overly nice, helpful, and be yes-men.  Then… those people will start asking for stuff.  Quickly, the player will realize that all of those deeds were not done out of friendship, but because they wanted something.

3) Self-First (11:43)

NEWSFLASH1: we naturally want to be the center…

EXAMPLE1: if someone is going to get a card for job well done, it should be me

EXAMPLE2: if someone deserves a reserved parking spot at work, it should be me

Romans 12:10 in honor, preferring one another → treat everyone like honored guest

NEWSFLASH2: it is ok to not be special as the world measures specialness

POINT: its ok if you are “just” a faithful church member that has a burden to serve others and reach out to people with the gospel without the title of Deacon or Pastor or Missionary

POINT: its ok if you hold to the plain truths of Scripture and not  feel the need to discover some new doctrine buried in the account of David and Goliath

Jeremiah 9:24 But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth.

4) Hidden Graves (11:44)

POINT: people were being defiled without even knowing it

5) Grievous Burden (11:45-46)

EXAMPLE: if you have a pastor that calls the church to give sacrificially and go out witnessing

BUT: he excludes himself because he is convinced that he is doing God’s work and thus everything he has is already considered “given” to the Lord or doesn’t go out witnessing because he could be more effective doing something else.

6) Prophets Killed and Reverenced (11:47-48)

Matthew 23:29-36 parallel passage

POINT: they kill the prophet, but then honor them with garnished sepulchres

OBSERVATION:  I’ve had many friends and family members that shut me down whenever I                           speak of Christ.  They mock His Word verbally and with their lives.  Yet, they have an                       oversized, ornate, prominently displayed Bible in their living rooms.

7) Blood of the Prophets will Bear Witness (11:49-51)

QUESTION: what does the blood of the prophets signify?

ANSWER: Israel’s response to God’s Word AND foreshadow of the ultimate rejection of Christ!

APPLICATION:  be willing to have godly friends that are bold/loving enough to tell you hard                                         things if you should go astray in areas of your life.

8) Hindered Others (11:52)

OBSERVATION:  I’ve seen many people make good progress for the Lord in their understanding                   and growth, but had a girl friend or family member hinder them… it’s hard to stomach


Reception of His Rebuke (11:53-54)

NOTE:  The response of the Pharisees… to keep fighting.  Their eyes were obviously closed to the light that was on display.

Author: Tyson Olheiser

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