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History of CBCA

When Pastor Gary Gritton came to Calvary Baptist Church in August of 1979, he had in his heart a burden for Christian education. In 1981, Pastor Gritton presented his ideas to the church and plans were laid out to begin the school ministry.

The first item of business was the need of buildings to house the school as there was no room in the church. A modular building was decided upon and moved from Fairmount, IL to the church. This enabled the school to open its doors in August 1982.

The first school year saw 9 students attend CBCA in grades K-2nd grade. Mrs. Anita Gritton was the first teacher. Mrs. Sue Sundmacher became church and school secretary as well as an aide to Mrs. Gritton.

The school then expanded each year adding one grade per year until K5-12th grade were in operation in the fall of 1992. The Lord provided the church two more building in 1985 and 1993 to have the church and school. The first graduating class was in May 1993 with five graduates. The school currently has more than 50 alumni.

During these 25 years of ministry, CBCA has had 33 full time and part time staff. Pastor and Mrs. Gary Gritton have been the only continuous staff all 25 years of CBCA.

Over 400 students have attended CBCA in these 25 years of ministry. Fifteen students have spent all K-5 through 12 grade years at CBCA. Forty percent of the graduates have completed college and seventy percent have at least attended one year or are now attending colleges.

God has been good to CBCA and we praise Him. Continue to pray for the school ministry in the days ahead.